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​No matter the type of event I have been booked for, you can expect dedication and professionalism. I prefer to ​keeping things simple and I wish to give my audience the experience of authenticity by letting my love to the music shine through.


I write and compose my own music and my personal style is a mix of many genres but I tend to return to the velvet smooth acoustic soul and r'n'b with hints of Jazz and Latin.


I also enjoy singing with and for other artists, e.g.:

Anna David L.O.C - Louise Moe - Susanne Ørum

Nik & Jay* - Marie Carmen Koppel* - Per Vers* - Alex*


You can book me for private or corporate arrangements, where I bring people together through music!

As a workshop facilitator, it's only your imagination that may limit what the program may include. 

Having worked with management in various shades and organizations I've learned a thing or two... With my expertise knowledge within corporate life, combined with my passion for music, I help people gain a better understanding for themselves, each other and the organizational vision - or whatever is in question.

There's something magical about music and it is my honor and pleasure to be able to recall -and contribute to new memories!

*With Shiva (soul and r'n'b choir)

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